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About the Program

Feonix and our partners are launching a mobility wallet application that serves residents in Kent, Jackson, Hillsdale, Lenawee and Wayne counties. The mobility wallet features the ability to use public transit, private, specialty, Uber, volunteer, and micro-mobility transportation options for the rider, caregiver, healthcare provider, or community partner booking the rides.

Are you a veteran?
Do you need help with transportation?

Please click the button below to join the wait list for the program and we'll be in contact within the next 7-10 business days with more information. Due to popular demand the program has reached funding capacity for 2023 for free rides. More opportunities may be available in 2024. Thank you for your patience.

Join the Wait List for Transportation Resources in 2024

Partnerships & Collaborators

In order to address the complex challenges of transportation insecurity for veterans and underserved families in Michigan, a rich and diverse team of has come together to launch the Michigan Mobility Wallet program.

Project Development & Evaluation

  • Feonix - Mobility Rising (lead)
  • Metro Strategies
  • Menlo Innovations
  • Sundberg-Ferar
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Michigan

Technology & Wallet Development

  • SkedGo
  • MoCaFi
  • Token Transit

Transportation Partners

  • The Rapid
  • Jackson Area Transportation Authority
  • Lenawee Public Transportation Authority
  • Detroit Department of Transportation
  • HOPE Network
  • Key Opportunities, Inc.
  • Care on Wheels
  • Ride Your Way
  • Uber
  • MoGo
  • Lime Bike
  • Boaz Bikes
  • Superpedestrian
  • Feonix Volunteer Driver Force

Community Driven Change

As part of the program, Feonix has established a "Mobility Wallet Working Group" which meets monthly to review the program impact and performance, address challenges that come up, and allocate the funding dedicated to the pilot rides across the communities.

Current organizations in the group include: Veterans Administration - Ann Arbor Healthcare System, Jackson County Military Coalition, Welcome Home Organization, Metro Detroit Council Navy League of the US, West Michigan Veterans Coalition, Michigan Works Southeast, Mobile GR, Disability Advocates of Kent County, and Kent County Essential Needs Task Force.

This incredible team of community stakeholders is vital to the success and sustainability of the program. If you would like to learn more and are interested in joining the working group - please email Tenia Denard, Feonix - Mobility Rising, Community Development Manager at tdenard@feonix.org.

The Mobility Wallet technology is available in the Catch-a-Ride app, which is downloadable in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

There is also an online portal that will be available in the fall of 2023 for booking rides on a computer or tablet.

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Technology Demonstration of Catch-a-Ride App Requesting and Paying for Rides in 3 Communities, with 3 Different Transportation Providers, All Using One Mobility Wallet

Why focus on veterans transportation?

Transportation insecurity has been a recognized issue for veterans accessing healthcare for decades. National research studies have articulated just why solving this challenge is so important, especially for the mental health of the men and women who have served our country.

"National research conducted in 2018 by The MITRE Corporation on veterans healthcare access and transportation, found that patients lacking transportation were 3.75 times more likely to be diagnosed with Suicidal Ideations and 4.04 times more likely to be diagnosed with Attempted Suicide or Intentional Self-Harm than patients who did not lack transportation."

"According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Michigan veterans had a suicide rate of 26.2 per 100,000 in 2016, well above the overall state suicide rate of 16.9. Among veterans age 18 to 34, the rate escalates 44.4 per 100,000; with rates at 33 per 100,000 for those age 35 to 54."

Veteran hugging young child.

How many veterans live in the service area?

  • Hillsdale County: 5,671
  • Jackson County: 9,378
  • Kent County: 28,175
  • Lenawee County: 2,931
  • Wayne County: 75,594

Across the 5 county service area for the program there are 121,749 veterans.

In total, this represents 21% of the state's veteran population.

Highlight Video of Program Launch

August 9, 2023

Join Feonix's Volunteer Driver Program and Change a Life in Your Spare Time

We are currently recruiting volunteers in Kent, Wayne, Jackson, Hillsdale, and Lenawee county for the program. Volunteers receive mileage reimbursement (IRS rate of $0.65/mile) and select the rides that work in their schedules.

Feonix volunteer driver in white pick-up
Check Out the Volunteer Force Web Page to Learn More!


How do I sign-up to receive rides with the Mobility Wallet Program?

If you are a veteran, and currently live in Kent, Wayne, Jackson, Hillsdale, or Lenawee county please fill out the application form online or you can call our Community Operations Support Team at 1-800-810-7696 to share with us your contact information and we'll be in touch within the next 2 business days to learn more how we can connect you with the program in your community.

Can other community based organizations join the program?

Yes! If your organization supports veterans in Kent, Wayne, Jackson, Hillsdale, or Lenawee counties we would love to connect with you! We have a quarterly meeting called a "Mobility Leadership Circle" where all our partners come together to learn updates about the program, share about their services that are available or new programs, and solve challenges together.

How can I get this program in my community for veterans?

Currently we are just rolling out the program in Kent, Wayne, Jackson, Hillsdale, and Lenawee counties with the funding provided by the Mobility Wallet Challenge. Please fill out the brief form below to let us know what you have in mind and we will be in touch to discuss opportunities in the future.

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